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8 Tips to get started on a plant-based, plant-forward diet

Do you want to protect the planet against climate change and contribute in some way to the World Food Week celebrations? If so, change your diet to a plant-based one. It's easy and you can do it today still.

A plant-forward diet –which includes occasional eating of animal proteins– is suitable for everyone, young and old. It not only provides adequate nutritional value, but also plenty 'yumminess' to satisfy your taste buds. Your grocery bill shouldn’t change much either – fresh fruit and vegetables are generally cheap and whatever money you save from buying fresh, you can use to buy the more expensive items like nuts and olives.

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg reportedly [ March2019] said that, "Even if there's no hope left and everything is hopeless, we must do what we can."

Here are eight great tips on how you can get started immediately on a plant-forward diet. Michelle Adelman, CEO of Infinite Foods, a go-to-market platform for leading plant-based food brands across sub-Saharan Africa, compiled the tips:

1. A plant-forward diet focuses on fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans. Occasionally, you eat eggs, dairy foods, meat, fish, and seafood to supplement your plant-based eating. So find a shop that sells beautiful, fresh and good quality fruit and vegetables and other plant-based foods. If it looks good, you will want to eat more of it.

2. Fresh fruit and vegetables are cheaper than animal products and tinned goods. So the money you save, you can use to buy nuts, olives and other plant-based goodies that may be a bit more expensive.

3. Change the configuration on your plate – have heaps of vegetables and salads and use meat as a garnish.

4. Eat a fully vegetarian meal at least once a week and treat it as the highlight of your week. Invite friends over and add some wine – after all, wine is also plant-based.

5. Try out a vegetarian restaurant if you've never been to one. Look at the menu for ideas that you can try at home.

6. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit – eat it as it is and occasionally add a dollop of cream or custard to your fruit. Dip it in chocolate for a decadent treat every now and then.

7. Don’t forget to respect your taste buds – something may be incredibly healthy, but taste awfully vile to you. Opt for something else instead.

8. Read The Greenprint by Marco Borges ( or Eat for the Plant by Nil Zacharis ( to learn more about the benefits of plant-based diets for health and planet.

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